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Powe Power
Summer Strategy Governance Retreat 

Advancing Your Leadership 


Powe Power is thrilled to host our first ever, Advancing Your Leadership Retreat in Scottsdale Arizona, nestled in the beautiful mountains. Local and former elected officials, community leaders, organizers, board leaders are invited to a collaborative space to share, cultivate and build upon policy ideas and solutions for those that they serve, in a stress-free environment. 


The mission of this retreat is to advance your leadership through accountability, intentional collaboration, and cultural competency, centering immediate issues impacting jurisdictions across our country, in a relaxed environment.

Expect real authentic, relevant, solution-driven conversations about; 



Bold Collaboration 


The power of building unconventional relationships with community and among peers to help shift the paradigm to create thriving communities.

Cultural Competency -


Awareness of the multicultural, multilingual and intergenerational communities that you serve and each specific need to produce sustainable solutions.



                Walking away from this retreat, participants will go back to their jurisdiction well-equipped and prepared with sustainable solutions.

Accountable narrative

-Cultivate the narrative that tells the whole story, what you're doing well, what you didn't do well and how you can improve.



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