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Power of Belonging

Whether you're a corporation, employee resource group, governing body, non-profit, committee, organization, group or individual, we will work with you to co-develop measurable goals that improve your overall outcomes. Equity and Inclusion is quickly becoming an industry standard. Entities want to create an environment of belonging with equity-based solutions, however you need outside expertise to develop strategies and a sustainable plan of action. Otherwise you're working in a vacuum. Allow us to help you get there by tailoring a plan of action that works best for you. 

"When you're accustomed to privilege, equity feels like oppression."

Equity & Inclusion

The heinous death of many people in marginalized communities continues to spark outrage across the world. Major corporations, businesses and organizations scurried to reaffirm their commitment to racial equity by releasing statements and policy changes. Elected officials declared "Racism As a Public Health Crisis" and Committed to Black Students and Black lives. Experts know that there's no silver bullet, however a multi-tiered approach. We  moved far beyond tolerance to a culture of inclusivity. Equitable policies, practices and culture will soon be an industry standard. In order to truly embrace the culture of now, entities must be willing to fully commit to the long haul, as America grapples with our racial reckoning. Entities that attempt to shortcut by doing this work internally, without outside, unbiased help are essentially working in a vacuum. 

Campaign & Political Consulting

We develop courageous leaders that effectively govern, stand in the gaps to make a social impact on individuals and communities alike.

Equity is at the foundation of our strategy. We will work with you to; enhance/co-create campaign strategy with an emphasis on clear, digestible language to gain voter support. In addition, we assist with community and donor collaborations, canvass training and sustainability. Together, we will tailor strategies that are directly related to the advancement of your campaign.


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