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Governance Training 


The Power of the Board 

It is vital that elected officials and leaders take ownership of their professional development. In most cases, bodies establish a budget for such. However, you are going to have to make that personal investment, if you desire to be effective. Investing in ongoing training has a direct bearing on the system. It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Continual training makes average and good board members great.


Elected Officials 

Whether you're newly elected or have experience on the board, these governance training's were developed with you in mind. We developed a progressive, self and public empowering firm – that provides public leaders, like you, informative knowledge, resources, training, and one-on-one strategy sessions to help you effectively govern. Making a complete transition into public leadership is imperative for your success. Systems are broken, barriers persist, but in this moment, you have the power to shift the trajectory. Allow us to help you get there.

Modules include, but are not limited to;

  • Knowing Your Power

  • Superintendent/City Manager/Commission-Administrator evaluation preparation

  • Developing a strategic plan with teeth

  • Developing an equitable procurement process

  • Disrupting student discipline disparities 

  • Establish culturally relevant curriculum

  • State association engagement 

  • Governing through multiple crises 

1:1 Governance Strategy Sessions

Elected officials, preparing for a meeting and need strategies to win? Don't fret, we're here when you need us most. Remember, your win, is a win for your constituents and community. 

Strategy sessions include, but are not limited to;

  • Organizing your Board

  • Meeting preparation

  • Completely identifying your role

  • Policies / Board Resolutions / Memorandums of Understanding

  • Establishing and implementing racial equity

  • Leading a successful superintendent search

  • Governance Tensions (racism/discrimination/ xenophobia)

Youth Advocates

The intention of these four week training is to educate, empower and prepare our youth to flourish as leaders in their own right. 

Training's include but are not limited to these discussions;

  • The power of your personal stories

  • The importance of building and maintaining healthy relationships, personally and professionally

  • Protocol and the rules of engagement, whether you’re navigating through school, community or job

  • The significance of volunteerism

  • Goal-setting and obtaining


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